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At the behest of Mahesh Verma, Shanta Prasad alias Abba, recruits Ghulam-E-Musthafa, a gangster and hit-man to carry out their nefarious activities. When Dayanand Dixit refuses to sell his property to Verma, Ghulam is asked to move into their house, live with them, and eventually force them to leave. Dayanand and his wife, Bhagyalaxmi, are shocked at this and initially cannot accept a Muslim male to live together with them and eat from their utensils. To make matters worse, Dayanand loses his job, his son, Vikram, is unable to secure admission in any college, and their daughter, Vidya, is unable to get anyone to marry her. Faced with these obstacles, the Dixit family must now arrive at a compromise with Ghulam and his masters - or else be shunned by the rest of the community - leaving Vikram uneducated and Vidya unmarried for life.
A gangster shuns the path of crime after his lover is killed by his rivals but soon he is dragged by his boss once again in the criminal world to do one last job.
This is one of Nana&#39;s best films ever. If you like Nana Patekar then you should not miss GEM.<br/><br/>The story is about a hit-man who goes to any lengths to please his superiors, but soon finds that his activities have begun to affect his near and dear ones too, and he probably will have to change for the better.<br/><br/>The acting on Nana&#39;s art is the most outstanding thing - no one beats him really. The songs are good but all have a minor scale tone in them, the storyline is good, some action scenes are cool, and so are Nana&#39;s dialogs.<br/><br/>Hard to find a movie like this nowadays
The title &quot;Ghulam-E-Musthafa&quot; translates into &quot;slave of God,&quot; and this epic study of one man&#39;s inner struggle with his violent upbringing versus his devout religious beliefs, is truly something to behold. Musthafa, as a young street orphan, is adopted by a political crime boss, whom the boy calls Abba, or &quot;father.&quot; The Muslim youth is trained to be a killer, and grows into a quiet, lonely man who knows little more than killing, and prayer. A volatile mix, and when a chance encounter with a beautiful nightclub dancer awakens human emotion in Musthafa, he is forced to re-think his life, and how Allah expects him to live. When a car bomb, planted by a rival crime family, takes the life of his woman, Musthafa takes it as a sign from God, and sets about changing his ways. But not before a deliriously stylish and violent revenge is carried out on the men who took the life of his beloved. As with many Bollywood films, &quot;Ghulam-e-Mustapha&quot; is rich with many different genres. Powerful drama, political espionage, and romance go hand in hand with comedy, brutal violence, and… musical numbers! However don&#39;t expect a light, sugar-coated film here; this is some serious stuff indeed, and the few music set pieces are cleverly integrated into the film without sacrificing authenticity; those segments are either nightclub performances or fantasy scenes, and the actors don&#39;t break out in song, rather the songs are there as a backdrop. The first portion of the film introduces us to the highly developed characters, and sets up the events to come. the second portion, when Musthafa moves into the home of a proud Hindu family, and the struggle that develops over religious beliefs and customs, is both fitfully funny and profoundly touching, and the final portion features some surprising violence, and a shocking ending that you will never forget. This one will be quite a discovery for fans of great, if obscure cinema, and it&#39;s topic of Islam is quite timely now. In fact &#39;Ghulam&#39; serves as a beautiful example, and sheds light on the most misunderstood religion on Earth, by portraying a deeply sympathetic Muslim male, who has a profound love and respect for the lives of others, regardless of religion. In the tradition of DePalma&#39;s &quot;Scarface,&quot; &quot;Ghulam-e-Musthafa&quot; is an epic tale of violence, power, greed, and redemption.

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